our activities


            Church School                                                   9:00 AM
            Morning Worship                                            10:30 AM
            Bible Study                                                        7:00 PM (Zoom)


Board of Stewards
Stewards are spiritual lay leaders, responsible spiritual guidance of St. Luke in conjunction with the Pastor, fiscal management of resources received for the upbuilding of the Kingdom of God, and conflict resolution.
Board of Trustees
Trustees are lay leaders responsible for temporal affairs of St. Luke, guarding all real estate and properties for the connection and making improvements as necessary.
Board of Stewardesses
Stewardesses assist the stewards in the rites of baptism and Holy Communion by providing the implements and elements of the Holy Communion and Holy Baptism.
Board of Deaconesses
Deaconesses promote the comfort and solicit the friendship and sympathy of all; meet the needs of the fallen, hungry, naked, homeless, poor, institutionalized, and imprisoned; and save the lost.
Board of Christian Education
The Board make provision for the growing needs of youth and adults of St. Luke through worship, fellowship, and social action; and coordinate the teaching and training of St. Luke by overseeing the instructional effort of St. Luke organizations.
Wilbur Fair Church School teaches, trains, and nurture adults and youth in the Word of God, preparing them for Christian service by emphasizing Christian principles. Bible Study encourages deep examination and exploration of the Word of God facilitating discovery and insight for spiritual development.
Music & Christian Arts Ministry
The music ministry elevates, awaken, and enrich the worship experience of St. Luke using performing and visual arts. E.J. Williams Choir and Male Chorus serve these aims of enhancing worship for spiritual maturity.
Ida J. White Women’s Missionary Society
The Missionary Society instills cooperation and unity in St. Luke providing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people through acts of kindness and care.

Lay Organization
The Lay Organization instills love and appreciation for the history, traditions, and principles of African Methodism, advocate respect for and loyalty to the AME Church, and train lay members for spiritual maturity.
Ushers Board & Greeters Guild
Ushers encourage sincere hospitality to worship through appropriate seating and maintenance of decorum and order in worship.
Greeters encourage genuine welcome to St. Luke through noticing visitors; learning and remembering their names; and assisting them as they entering St. Luke.
Young People’s Department
The Young People’s Department implements a program for youth including Bible study, study of The Doctrine and Discipline of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, and training that foster spiritual growth and maturity.
Men’s Ministry (Sons of Allen)
The Men’s Ministry encourages faith development in men through an active program of evangelism and stewardship. It encourages men to be witnesses for the Kingdom of God and servants providing outreach and service.